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 915MHz ISM Wireless Telemetry Module

915MHz ISM band & Wireless RS485 Low Power ISM Radio Module 

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Made in USA

Radio is compliant with the specifications regulated and required by FCC Part 15 and 18.



The 915MHz Wireless Telemetry Module (GFSK90 ISM) is a small scale, low power 915MHz ISM FSK transceiver module. The low receive sensitivity (–118dBm) coupled with adjustable +5dBm - +20dBm output power ensures extended range and improved link performance over greater distances. Automatic antenna switching, frequency hopping spread spectrum (FHSS) and GFSK Modulation further extend range and enhance radio performance. This RS485 enabled telemetry module can be used to implement high-speed twisted pair RS485 communication links as well as facilitate collection, processing and logging of serially transmitted data which commonly requires improved noise suppression and cancellation. This module may be joined with our picLinkUSB modem (DCE) which can be used to facilitate a wireless DTE to DCE communications link.      



  • 915MHz ISM Radio band (902-928MHz)
  • Receiver Sensitivity =  –118 dBm
  • +5 to +20 dBm MaxOutput power 
  • Power Supply = +7 to +12 VDC
  • Low Power Consumption < 50mA
  • GFSK modulation (Gaussian Frequency-shift key)
  • 20MHz Microcontroller
  • Meets ANSI Standard EIA/TIA-422-B and ITU Recommendation V.11
  • Multipoint Transmission on Long Bus Lines in Noisy Environments
  • Ultra low power shutdown mode
  • Digital RSSI
  • Wake-up timer
  • Auto-frequency calibration (AFC)
  • Power-on-reset (POR)
  • Baud rates up to 115.2k @ 600m (+20dBm)
  • Range extendable 2dBi Dipole antenna port
  • Configurable packet handler
  • Preamble detector
  • TX and RX 64 byte FIFOs
  • Low battery detector
  • 100 selectable channels 
  • Frequency hopping capability (FHSS)
  • On-chip crystal tuning
  • Temperature sensor and 8-bit ADC
  • –40 to +85 °C temperature range
  • 2 General Purpose Input/Output (IO) or Analog to Digital (ADC)
  • Automatic TX & RX Antenna Selection
  • Transmit and Receive Mode LED indicators
  • Wireless RS485 Transceiver
  • ICSP Programmable 


  • Wireless RS485 
  • ISM Telemetry and Data Acquisition 
  • Remote control
  • Data Acquisition and Wireless Telemetry
  • Wireless PC Terminal 
  • Remote meter reading
  • Home automation
  • Industrial control
  • Sensor networks
  • Environmental monitors
  • RFID Tag reader


2.5 in (L) x 1.75 in (W) x .5 in (H)